More Grace. I am Mr. Briamah Kifenu. For the past 7 years now, I have been jobless. I normally go out to do menial jobs, from there I raised money to get 5 chairs and sowed it to the DGOGC as a seed. I was opportune to be in the God of solution 2018 crusade where I received the expectation form. In my first prayer request, I filled in that I need a job. In the month of February, I wrote an application letter to E.C.T.S bus company to work as a security. I was called for interview that same month and given the job on the 15th of February.
Mrs. Rosalene kifenu confirmed her husband’s testimony to be true by testifying that she has been the bread winner of the family before now. And she is also a more grace TV partner. But before now, she doesn’t sell any of her goods without going to hawk but ever since she received the anointed apple from the man of God PIA Obaseki during the