THE DGOGC Sunday service of 27th may 2018 provided another fold to witness Gods majesty in the Holy Mountain of victory ministries. The service was remarkable in many ways from the faith building testimonies to the soul lifting songs by the more grace choir. The atmosphere was electrifying as the More grace choir gave their soul lifting songs and the congregants, both viewers all over the world worshiped happily, faith were lifted high, chains were broken, hope was rekindled  as the power of God flowed through the auditorium courtesy of the Holy Spirit


Rounding up the theme of the month “THE DANGER OF UNBELIEF” in the last Sunday of may 2018, evangelist Mrs favour Obaseki began her message in the DGOGC Sunday service of 27th may 2018 by engaging the minds of the congregant with some thought provoking questions.
She further enlightened the congregants on Unbelief as she differentiated between unbelief and unbeliever.” Unbelief is a born again Christian, doubting what God has said concerning their situation as a result of little trials and temptation while unbelievers are people who doesn’t believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ”
Continuing; she admonished Christians to hold firm to their belief in God because when one knows how God is going to do it then it is no longer a miracle. “Even when you don’t see it happening hold firm to your belief in God because a little unbelief can terminate your long awaited miracle”.
In conclusion : she advised Christians to go and make use of all the teaching they have heard all through the month thereby doing away with the spirit of unbelief.



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More Grace, I am Mrs. Queen Okodogbe. The little girl standing beside me is my daughter (Joan Okodogbe) she is 12 years old. She started bed wetting over 3 years ago, i knew it was abnormal because for a child of her age, it is not supposed to be so. I was opportune to receive the blood of Jesus anointing oil for children from DGOGC, I used it to anoint her head every night before she goes to bed and by the grace of God, I have taken my time to observe her since then till now. To the glory of God she no longer bedwet since then…………..Thank You Jesus……….