More Grace every . I am here to testify to the Glory of God upon my daughters life.
Any time my daughter was pregnant, she always experience some challenges and after she gives birth she also experience challenges to the extend that we spend up to #600000 for treatment.
She got pregnant again,she and husband concluded that she should go for an abortion because of the challenges she go through during her previous pregnancies and after she gives birth. I encouraged them to keep the pregnancy which they did. During the pregnancy, I kept praying for her till she gave birth. I also related the matter to my prayer team members and they joined me in prayers also.
When the time of delivery came I texted the man of God Senior Prophet P. I.A Obaseki and I explained everything to him and he said ok. To the glory of God, my daughter delivered successfully without any complication. Thank you Jesus.
Secondly, after two weeks of delivery, my daughter started complaining of itching in her hands. It was so severe that she started crying. I called my leader in our prayer team she prayed for her and told me to also call the man of God Senior Prophet P. I.A Obaseki which I did and the man of God asked me which of the anointed similitude I was having I told him and he said I should use it on her which I did and the itching stopped to the Glory of God.