More grace everybody i am here to give God all the glory for all He has done for me, i am from Ebonyi state.
For some time i was experiencing sex in dream. November i came across this ministry on Facebook. The day i followed this ministry on Facebook, i had a dream that night and in that dream i was inside this church and the man of God Senior Prophet P.I.A Obaseki was praying for someone and before i knew it he changed to Senior Prophet TB Joshua then i woke up. This dream occurred three times after i watching this ministry on line. I told my wife one day that i was coming to Benin.
December 16th 2021, i came to Benin and i came to the church. The next day being 17th, i was opportune to be at the PRAYER LINE SESSION and the man of God prayed for me and delivered me. The next day, i had a dream and in that dream, i saw myself wearing female waist bead on my neck. The bead cut off from my neck and i woke up. From that day till now no more sex in the dream.
Secondly 2017, i contested for an election as the chairman of our community in my village. I won and my opposition vowed that they will not allow me to sit on the seat.
The case is in court, the police is involve with the case, the government is aware of the case.
Last Sunday, Fulani herds men killed three men and butcherer them in our community. My opponent wanted to use it against me that i was the one that sent men to kill the three young men.
After proper investigation, the police found out that i was innocent that was how i was free from that murder case. Thank you Jesus.