More grace everybody! The woman beside me is my mother-in-law.

Some time in 2018, I saw the man of God, Senior Prophet P.I.A Obaseki in a dream. He asked me about my husband’s travelling document. I told him it was with them, that they were yet to call him. As he was about leaving, he turned towards me the second time and told me “I would be pregnant”. I said “amen” and I woke up.
After that encounter in the dream, I got pregnant same year and gave birth in 2019 to my son.

Some of my husband’s friends from Italy came to pay us a visit. They told my husband they didn’t like the state he was and promised to help him relocate to Italy.
In 2022, his friends began to process his documents over there in Italy, alongside some other persons. Two out of the three documents they submitted got approved, while my husband’s own was denied.

During one of the Sunday services here at the branch, the man of God directed those of us believing God for breakthrough to go to the Grace Sanctuary Prayer Mountain and pray. I did as instructed. A week later, one of my husband’s friends called him to re-snap his passport and send to him.

Few months later, his visa came out. Before that time, my husband called me from work one day while still in Nigeria that his leg got swollen all of a sudden. He had to go to the hospital and upon examination, the doctor told him it looked like a suspected case of Kidney related problem. Several medical tests was conducted and to God be the glory, kidney problem was ruled out of it.

I later called the prophet of God to intimate him of my husband’s predicament. He told me to anoint the leg with the Victory Anointing Oil and bring him for Prayer Line.
God located my husband at the prayer line session and healed him. Today, he is Italy to the glory of God. Thank you Jesus.