The DGOGC Wednesday faith clinic service brought God’s people together to experience an outpouring of his blessings, grace and the might of his power. The faith building testimonies reassured Christians that in Christ Jesus Hope is everlasting

PIA Obaseki
Disciple Rufus

Earlier today during the DGOGC Wednesday faith clinic service of May 30th 2018 disciple Rufus delivered a message he titled “OVERCOMING THE SPIRIT OF UNBELEIF” he admonished Christians to let go the spirit of unbelief because it has never worked out the righteousness of God in the life of any believer “therefore we must do away with unbelief if we must be established here on earth and fulfill our God given destiny”
In conclusion, he advised Christians to maintain the following standard if they must overcome unbelief;
• you must be born again
• you must ask God daily to give you the holy spirit
• absolute trust in God
• desist from fear and anxiety
• recognize the love of God in your heart



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More Grace, I am Mrs. Julia Abuhlimhen. Before now, I have been suffering from the affliction of sleeplessness which lasted for several weeks. I was opportune to be in the DGOGC Wednesday faith clinic service where I heard a testimony of how God delivered a woman from sleeplessness and I keyed into the testimony. Later on during the service as the man of God PIA Obaseki was moving in the midst of the congregation ministering prophecy, healing and deliverance, I shouted like the blind Bartimaeus as I acknowledged his proximity to where I was sitting. He attended to me and prayed for me with the anointing crucifix. That was how the affliction ended to the Glory of God. Today I sleep like a new born baby…………thank You Jesus


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More Grace, I am Mrs. Peace Frederick. These are my children. On Friday morning, my children came to me bothering me about the prophetic prayer we normally receive every morning from the man of God PIA Obaseki through phone call via the prophetic prayer card we subscribed to, few minutes later the call came in and we received the prayers and went to the shop. Towards evening time, I sat down outside my shop while my children were playing at the other side then Suddenly, I saw a jeep coming with full speed then a keke driver coming from another direction hit the jeep and the keke headed towards my shop. It crushed the front of my shop and headed towards the direction I last saw my children. Right after the wreck I quickly ran in agony to see if my children were hurt but by to the glory of God a brother came to their rescue as he saw the keke heading towards their direction…..Thank You Jesus………..