More Grace everybody, my name is Pastor Happy Itoya. I have come to testify of Gods goodness in my life.
The man of God Prophet P,I,A Obaseki called me to help him purchase rice for charity at Ekpoma Benin city Edo state, because that was were I reside then he sent the money into my account.

Immediately I got the alert a spirit told me I should pray that the same way that money entered my account that my account will never run dry. After the prayers, the next morning someone called me at my business place were I sell gates.

There has been a particular gate in my shop for the past one month, after praying with the money Prophet P.I.A Obaseki sent to me, the gate was sold and instant full payment was done.

An hour later, someone else came to inquirer about that same gate and the person also sent the exact money the first person paid into my account, even when I told him that it has been bought he told me he will wait for me to make another one.

That is why I have come to give glory to God Almighty of this commission for releasing blessing upon me. Thank you Jesus Christ.