More grace everybody, I am here to give God all the Glory for what he has done for me.
I woke up one day in the month of December 2021, I found out that my body was STIFFED.I went to the hospital to carry out some test, and I was told that I’m having typhoid and malaria and was placed on medication. To my greatest surprised I noticed that while taking the medications there was no improvement but I became more worst.
Then my husband told me to go to the prayer mountain (GRACE SANCTUARY PRAYER MOUNTAIN),then I went.
As I was praying at the prayer mountain, I was in the mood of meditation and prayers it was like I fell into a trance, in that trance I saw the man of God SNR. PROPHET P I.A OBASEKI praying for me inside that trance ,immediately I opened my eyes, to my greatest surprise I saw the man of God SNR. PROPHET P.I.A . OBASEKI standing at my front and he prayed for me.
Immediately after the man of God prayed for me, I noticed that my body that was STIFFED instantly became loosed