More Grace everybody i am here to testify to the glory of God upon my life and my family.
I was passing through some challenging’s before coming to this ministry. I was believing God for the the blessing of baby for ten years. I had two babies but they died.

2009 i was having health challenging’s. That same year, i came to this ministry and during the service the man of God Senior Prophet P.I.A Obaseki gave me a word of prophecy that i should go to the altar and tell God that i hand over everything concerning me to Him. Within me i was not happy because i was thinking he was going to tell me my life history. With Faith i went to the altar and i prayed at the altar. I continue coming to church. I was still facing the health challenging’s. I could not wear slippers then and i could not do some things then. Then in this church we were having three ANOINTING WATER ( HEALING, FRUIT OF THE WOMB, AND BREAKTHROUGH). I always pick that of HEALING because i need healing before i can think of having a baby. Along the line 2011 i became healed.

Before coming to this ministry, i went for IVF( In vitro fertilization) in a British clinic, i went to South Africa hospital also. I went to so many places in search of fruit of the womb. I also did surgery just to get pregnant. After the surgery i came home and my husband was sick and getting pregnant became an issue again.
After my husband was discharged we meet and i became pregnant unknown to me. During the pregnancy, i was in one of our services i was upstairs and the man of God Senior Prophet P.I.A Obaseki gave a word of prophecy that there is a woman in service that there are two marks in your shoulders that its from that mark that they attack the woman. I ran out he prayed for me and delivered me.

I carried my pregnancy successfully and on the 29th of December 2011 i gave birth to a baby girl. After the birth of my baby, challenging’s started. One day after service my baby’s body changed and she was rushed to the hospital. I called the man of God Senior Prophet P.I.A Obaseki and he said it is well. I was in a trace i was riding my car and it was going towards a dish. The man of God appeared and waved the car to another direction and i woke up. My daughter was discharged.
Another day i was at home and my house help was carrying my baby. I had a foot step and a voice called my daughters name Oseme are you feeling cold? I don’t know who the person was. I took my ANOINTING WATER and sprinkled it on her. The person did not ask me why i was doing it. The person just walked passed.
I had a dream and i saw the same person and she said i should give her my baby. She said if i want to give her my daughter i should not allow the ANOINTING WATER to touch her. I told her if she dose not want the ANOINTING WATER to touch her she should leave my daughter alone. She then said carry your daughters and leave. Till this moment we have never had any challenging’s again. To the Glory of God, today my daughter is celebrating her tenth year birthday. Thank you Jesus.