More grace everybody. I am an up and coming Musical Artist. For some years now, I had experienced setback and near success syndrome in my musical career. I invested huge sums of money to do and promote my music, yet my effort was fruitless.

So one day while I was in my room in Lagos wallowing in despair and hopelessness, I bumped into Pastor P.I.A Obaseki Ministries on Facebook and the Miracles I saw caught my attention. Right inside my room, I made up my mind to Visit this commission. I then came to Benin, while I was in my hotel room, I asked God to give me a sign to enable me know whether Prophet P.I.A Obaseki was a genuine man of God. That same Night I had a dream were I saw the licensed Prophet of God dressed in a white Robe and was praying for me. When I woke up, I checked out of the hotel I lodged and I moved down to the Church’s lodge.


The following day, I was opportune to go through the PRAYERLINE SESSION were the man of God prayed for me and commanded the yoke of Career set back out of my life. To my greatest surprise, the following day, I received two important calls that changed my musical career for good. Since then till date, my Musical career has taken a new dimension and I have been invited to grace the stage with A list Musical Artists currently making waves in and outside Nigeria, thank you Jesus.