It all started when i gave birth to my son on the 5th of July. After a week, anytime i fed him he vomits the food even when i breastfeed him he vomits it. I took him to the hospital and i saw a pediatrician who told me children are like that i should watch him and reduce his food which i did but he was still vomiting. I started managing him like that until he was 5 months he started losing strength because he was not eating well.
        I then rushed him to the hospital and he was placed on drip. They did test on him nothing was found, they did scan on him nothing was also found. They did X-ray on him and they found out that he was having pneumonia. At that moment, i called the man of God senior Prophet P.I.A Obaseki and i told him what was happening and he prayed for me and told me nothing will happen to my child. By this time he no longer eats with his mouth. He was eating with his nose through a pipe. The situation was getting worst.
       One day, he started jerking, they did test on his blood and they found out that he has shortage of blood ( 20% ) and his sugar level was also low. They told me to pay for blood so that they can fix on him then i started cring and praying to God that i don't want to give my child another persons blood. 
     I then called the man of God again and he prayed for me and he sent his secretary to bring WATER OF LIFE to the hospital.  At that time the doctors were looking for vein on my sons body so they can transfer the blood. My mother came to the hospital and said if truly God of P.I.A Obaseki is existing they will not see the vein to give him blood but if he is not existing they will see the vein and give him blood. Then i took the WATER OF LIFE and ministered it on my son. After sometime, my mind ministered to me to check his leg which i did and it was reddish and before it was white due to blood shortage. I called the doctor to carry out another blood test on him which he did and the blood test came out and the blood increased to 33.3%. The doctor was shocked and asked what happened.
      My son was not breathing very well again. They started using  nebulizer to clear out his air way so he can breath. The doctor then said we should be transferred to the University of Benin teaching hospital ( UBTH ) because of the situation. On our way to UBTH, i was praying to God that when we get to the hospital, the doctors should start treatment on  my son. When we got there the doctor attended to him immediately and the vein that they did not see to transfer blood to my sons body at the other hospital, they saw the vein and they fixed drip on him and they started giving him treatment and all this while, he was still eating with his nose through the pipe. We were still believing God for a miracle. To the Glory of God, the pipe was removed and he started eating normal without the pipe. He no longer vomits and he is totally free and healed to the Glory of God. Thank you Jesus.