More Grace, I am Mrs. Agbon Faith. I was feeling feverish last week Tuesday; I went to the lab for test and was diagnosed of typhoid and malaria. Later, the nurse asked me to run another test (food thirst) because she noticed infection in my blood. When She gave me the result, I went to my doctor and I was given injection,That Tuesday night, I started feeling pains inside my throat so I went back the following morning to complain to her. When I got there, she told me that there is a growth in my throat and she directed me to a man. When I got there, the man asked me to open my mouth, when I did he shouted!! and complained that it’s too big and he has never seen anything like this before and he suggested that I cut it off. Along the line I saw a member of DGOGC member, I explained things to her then she advised me to see the man of God before I do anything. I was opportune to meet with the man of God PIA Obaseki during one of the week days and he prayed for me. That same evening after the prayers when I got home the growth in my throat burst and I started vomiting pus….to the Glory of God I am completely healed today………….Thank you Jesus…..