More Grace everybody. I am here to testify to the Glory of God upon my life and family.
During one of our services the man of God Senior Prophet P.I.A Obaseki gave me a word of prophecy. He said who is this on the photograph with me i told him he is my younger brother that travelled out of the country (LIBYA). My brother was facing through some challengings there. The man of God also told me that i have some confession to make. Its true because i went to an herbalist for solution. The herbalist said i should bring #20000 so that he can do some work for me which i did. He ask me to climb a circle which i did. He said when he is through with what he is doing that i will jump out of the circle which i did. Since then no solution.
I decided not to go to any place other than the house of God. So i came to this ministry for God to help us out through His servant Senior Prophet P.I.A Obaseki.