More Grace everybody. I am here to share my experience.

It all began when i attended the program last week in church. During the service, it got to a point i stop hearing voices and it was as if nothing was happening inside the church premises. Later after the close of service i had a voice PSALMS 91. When i got home; i and my wife prayed with the PSALMS.

I had a dream and In that dream i saw myself urinating but it was on a zig zag form it was not going straight and this was not good. Then i decided to pee in the toilet. When i heard my manhood, i felt something like a stone i was not comfortable with this. I drew my wife attention to it. Then i told her to give me a small rubber which i use to pee.

When she brought it, i pee out stone. It was like a shock to us in the dream. I saw my late father and told my wife to give it to him to see. Then my father carried the stone and crushed it with His hand. After that i ask her to bring it back that i wanted to use it for testimony. That was how i experience my deliverance in the dream.
Thank you Jesus